Fabric Depot prides itself on carrying high quality, versitle specialty fabrics.  Sample Sets are offered for all fabrics and many notions. Some colors do not photograph as accurately as others and online images may vary from actual fabric.  As an example, Melon is a beautiful coral pink shade, yet photographs more pink tones.  It is recommended prior to ordering fabrics to obtain a sample set to ensure color, texture, and weight of fabric or lace is the one desired. 

Many of our Tricots, Lycras, and Powernets have coordinating colors for layering.  Please ask if you are interested in color matching during the ordering process so one of our specialists can assist you. 

Our All-over Stretch Lace fabrics can be used in applications ranging from performance costuming, lingerie, and other clothing items. 

We also carry a vast assortment of stretch and non-stretch lace trims and a variety of elastics to compliment your projects. 

Example of Sample Sets:
-Tricot, 40 denier
-Sheer Tricot
-Simplex Tricot,
-Stabalized Tricot
      Medium, Heavy, Microfine, or Hologram Dots
      Satin, Shimmering, Matte, Glistenet, Heavy Compression,
      Featherweight, Exotic, Velvet, Cotton, Rubenesque, & Linings
-All-over Stretch Lace Fabric
-Stretch Lace Trims
-Rashelle Lace Trims (non-stretch)
-Individual Print Lycras ($1 USD/sample)

If you are not sure if a sample set is available, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Tricot Fabric Specifications

Fabric Depot's 40 Denier Nylon Tricot (FT300...) is first quality fabric that has been made in a mill located within the United States.  It is 100% "nylon 6" multi-filimant yarn.  It is a non-hazardous nylon monofilament knit fabric that presents no known health or physical hazards under n ormal contitions of use as defined by OSHA 1910.1200 Hazard Communication Standard. 

Chemical identity: Polyamide 6
Numbers of identityt: CAS-NR.:63428-83-1
Impurities: N/A
Exposure Limits: None Established
"This product is biologically inert, knit nylon fabric which is non-toxic under normal conditions."

The greige goods are created by warp knitting.  The fabric is dyed using a leveling acid dye.

Our 40 denier Nylon Tricot was created to be a lingerie fabric.  It has been adapted for use by Aerial Trapeze Artists and Yoga Studios for the past 20 years.  Our business is built on giving top quality service to over 13,000 customers worldwide. Below is a website that has tested our 40 denier Nylon Tricot for strength.