Fabric Depot Fancy Lycras


Lycras can be used for many types of apparel.  The Spandex-Lycra stretch allows for excellent fit and drape for costuming, equestrian outfits, and so much more!  Fabric Depot offers a unique selection of shimmering, sparkling, and show-stopping Lycras. 


These Western Rail Shirts and Western Showmanship Jacket are made of Lycra trimmed with Patent Lycra and sequins.

Left to Right: FE261MRD, FLP550PFB, and FL200 Heavy Weight Lycra

FE1004RBB "Aztec"

Royal Blue Foil on Black

57" wide $20 yd

FE210RE "Liquid Light"

Red Metallic Surface

Also Available in "Liquid Light-Gold" FE210GO

57" wide $18 yd

FE210TU "Liquid Light"

Turquoise Metallic Surface

57" wide $18 yd

FE221GD "Gold Dust"

Gold Lycra with Metallic Gold Mist on Surface

58" wide $18 yd

FE236TH "Turquoise Hologram"

Geometric Holographic Surface

40" wide $18 yd

FE237GB "Batik"

Gold Metallic on Black

57" wide $20 yd

FE243SPS "Snake"

Pink Snake with Metallic Silver Snake Overlay

57" wide $16 yd

FE243SRS "Snake"

Blue Snake with Metallic Silver Snake Overlay

57" wide $16 yd

FE244GHB "Gold Hologram Dots"

Gold Holographic Dots on Black

42" wide $20 yd

FE245ZBR "Zebra, Black Cire on Red"

Also Available in "Zebra -Black Cire on Black" FE245ZBB

43" wide $16 yd

FE246LCD "Leopard with Clear Dots"

Leopard with Clear Dot Overlay

44" wide $14 yd

FE248RDW "Red Foil Dot on White"

Red Dots on White

57" wide $16 yd

FE257SRL "Silver Rain -Lavender"

Petite Silver Holographic Dots on Lavender

57" wide $257 yd

FE258MR "Midnight Rainbow"

Multi-Color Holograph on Black

57" wide $20 yd

FE259CR "Cosmic Rays"

Multi-Color with Silver Holographic Overlay

60" wide $18 yd

FE261MRD "Mystic Rose-Dark"

Holographic Dark Floral Pattern over Black

45" wide $18 yd

FE261MRL "Mystic Rose-Light"

Holographic Pastel Floral Pattern over Beige

45" wide $18 yd

FE263FS "Fuchsia Snake"

Fuchsia and Black Snake with "Wet" Finish

43" wide $14 yd

FE265PA "Pastel Abstract with Silver Dust"

Abstract Print with Light "Dusting" of Metallic Silver

57" wide $16 yd

FE266PPO "Pink & Purple Oil Slick"

Shades of Pink and Purple with Clear Dot Overlay

57" wide $16 yd


FE272YH "Yellow Hologram"

Abstract Holographic Surface

48" wide $18 yd

FE268SFB "Silver Flowers on Black"

Petite Silver Metallic Flowers on Black

43" wide $12 yd

FE273CH "Chartreuse Hologram"

Holographic Hearts on Bright Green/Chartreuse

48" wide $18 yd

FE275SDB "Silver Diamonds on Black"

Metallic Silver On Light-Weight Black Lycra

57" wide $12 yd

FE278SPS "Snake"

Pink Snake with Metallic Silver Mist Overlay

43" wide $14 yd

FE274SCB "Silver Circuit Board"

Metallic Silver Geometric on Light-Weight Black Lycra

57" wide $12 yd

FE1010BG "Glitter Dot"

Gold Metallic Glitter on Light-Weight Black Lycra

57" Wide $14 yd

FLP664SB "Silver on Blue"

Metallic Silver Floral on Blue Violet Mid-Heavy Weight Lycra

57" $12 yd